Vinyl Sheet Piling

ShoreGuard® vinyl sheet pile, manufactured by CMI, provides a cost-effective and sustainable building material for seawalls and other sheet piling structures. ShoreGuard is easier to install, resulting in shorter lead times and longer service life over traditional materials, such as wood, concrete or steel. CMI’s patented I-Beam Lock™ feature enforces the panels with greater strength and a tighter seal for a more reliable connection.

ShoreGuard is available in both flat panels and corrugated panels for various applications and needs. With its advanced UV protection and co-extruded with XCR Technology™, ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piling is used to provide flood protection and erosion control in the face of extreme weather and climate concerns.

Flat Panel™ Sheet Piling
Flat Panel™ is a flat-front sheet pile profile for seawalls, retaining walls, flood protection and water control. This option provides an attractive alternative to corrugated sheet piling. Anchored, cantilevered or geo-grid supported walls can be designed using this advanced profile.

Corrugated Sheet Piling
ShoreGuard® corrugated Z and Box Profile™ sheet piling profiles were an early CMI innovation and remain the most popular in civil engineering applications. ShoreGuard corrugated panels provide erosion protection and a clean, environmentally friendly solution for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

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ASP serves the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma.

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