Timewell Pipe

Timewell Drainage Products manufactures a wide range of pipes, fittings and other drainage structures in varying sizes to suit a large number of project needs.

Perforated Pipe

Perforated tile is one of the most commonly used types of tubing. Applications include farm drainge and carrying water away from foundations. Perforated tile is available in sizes 2" to 15".

Knifecut Pipe

Knifecut pipe is similar in function to perforated pipe, taking in equal amounts of water, but is more restrictive of sand and silt. Knifecut pipe is an all-purpose product available in sizes 2" to 15".

Knit Filter Pipe

Knit filter pipe, also known as sock tile, is commonly seen in construction applications and sandy soils to provide maximum protection against soil infiltration. Sock tile is available in sizes 3" to 15".

Solid Pipe

Solid tubing is used for the simple task of taking water from one end to the other, without any intake from surrounding areas. Solid pipe is available in all sizes.

Muck Pipe

Muck pipe is the optimal choice for soils with high organic content. Muck pipes allow the largest water inlets with holes 1/2" round. These pipes are only available in sizes 3" to 6".

ASP serves the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma.

Product Applications