Tensar InterAx Geogrids

With Tensar, you can design and build with confidence because of their cost-effective, proven, engineered solutions. Tensar's industry-leading technology and geogrids solve the toughest soil stabilization, earth reinforcement, and site development challenges.

Twelve global teams and over 10,000 hours of R&D have led to the development of the next-generation geogrid, InterAx, their highest performing geogrid to date.

Benefits of Tensar InterAx Geogrid:

  • Most advanced geosynthetic made for trafficked surfaces and foundations.
  • Ideal for subgrade stabilization, pavements, and working platforms.
  • Optimized geometry for maximum confinement of granular fill, creating the most efficient stabilized layer.
  • Advanced material science improves compaction and restricts movement over time, retaining the stiffness long term and further enhancing performance.
  • Drives superior performance across a broader range and quality of aggregate types and gradations, giving you more flexibility in your aggregate choice.
 InterAx Geogrid

Specs & Info

ASP serves the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma.

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