Nyloplast, manufactured by ADS, is able to make any PVC drainage structure custom built to any application.

Drain Basins

Heavy Duty Drain Basins are used as a connection point where two or more drain lines converge. Basins can connect pipes of different sizes, types, and elevations or directions. Drain basins are suitable for use in shallow pipe burial applications. 

Nyloplast basins offer watertight connection and are shipped with rubber gaskets to prevent soil infiltration. These basins are lightweight and easily handled for simple and quick installation to lower costs. 

PVC Fittings

Nyloplast fittings connect and adapt a variety of corrugated polyethylene and PVC pipes, as well as many other pipe types. Fittings are available between 4" and 30", and include couplers, cleanouts, downspout adapter, elbows and end caps, as well as many other adapters.

Specs & Info

ASP serves the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma.

Product Applications