Eco-Line Paver

Unilock's Eco-Line paver is a special order product that can be manufactured for large-scale commercial projects in a variety of custom colors and textures. With four lengths in two widths, these long, linear, heavy-duty pavers create a unique look for permeable projects. 

Special spacer bars create a 7mm gap between Eco-Line units which allows water to flow through. When installed on an open-graded base with a fine stone chip between the joints, this allows rainwater to permeate the paved surface where it can then be absorbed by the subsoil. In developments where there are restrictions on the amount of land that can be covered with non-permeable surfaces, using Eco-Line can be very useful. Eco-Line pavers can also be mechanically installed, which makes them a cost-effective choice for large-scale projects.


  • Commercial Vehicular
  • Residential Driveways
  • Pedestrian Walkways & Paths

Specs & Info

ASP serves the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma.

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