CocoFlex ET-FGM

CocoFlex™ Extended Term-Flexible Growth Medium™ (ET-FGM™) can last up to twice as long as Flexterra, making this the highest-performing, longest-lasting hydraulically applied erosion control product on the market. The patented technology requires no cure time and provides superior slope protection over erosion control blankets and Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) products. Additionally, CocoFlex ET-FGM can be combined with other erosion control technologies, such as Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs), to accommodate a broad range of applications.

  • Nearly 100 times less soil loss per acre than alternative products
  • Grows grass twice as fast as blankets
  • Effective upon application and up to 2 years later

Specs & Info

ASP serves the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma.

Product Applications