Big Red Inlet Protectors

Curb Inlet Protector

The Big Red Curb Inlet Protector is an easily installed, reusable filter that will keep sediment at bay for the duration of a construction project. Big Reds are simply placed in front of the inlet and are immediately ready for use. The Curb Inlet Protectors are suitable for use on both small residential drains and large industrial drains.

Area Inlet Protector

The Big Red Area Inlet Protector is a reusable filter that will keep sediment out during a project. The Area Inlet Protector is constructed of highly permeable fabric supported by iron for a durable solution built to last. The fabric's high permeability prevents puddling and keeps water out of jobsites while maintaining clean drains. 

Specs & Info

ASP serves the Midwest including Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma.

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