October 13, 2020

October Newsletter

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Fabco Stormwater Products WebinarFabco Stormwater Products Webinar | October 14th, 12:30pm CST: Fabco Industries is a leader in stormwater management. They design and manufacture high-performance stormwater filter systems that are highly effective for various treatment applications including retrofits, new construction, and green infrastructure.  learn about their custom-made stormwater inlet filters, screen boxes, bacteria filters and more! Register Here

FODS Trackout Control Mat SystemFODS Trackout Control Mat System Webinar | October 28th, 12:30pm CST: FODS Trackout Control Mat System offers a unique design to effectively remove mud and other debris from vehicle tires. FODS will not damage the ground’s surface. These durable mats are environmentally friendly and are reusable and recyclable.  learn more about FODS and find out how they can help with sediment control at your jobsite. Register Here

Independence Pass Foundation Project with Bowman Construction SupplyBowman Assists with Aspen’s Independence Pass Foundation Project: Bowman Construction Supply partnered with an Aspen conservation group, the Independence Pass Foundation, on a $100,000 slope stabilization project. In an effort to stabilize a hillside near the summit of Independence Pass, a number of products were combined with 20,000 gallons of water and sprayed on about 1 acre. Bowman supplied... Keep Reading

High Severity Burn Landscape from WildfireWildfires in Western United States: On behalf of ASP, Quick, Cascade and Bowman we want to offer our deepest sympathy and support to all those impacted by catastrophic wildfires across the Western United States. This has become an unprecedented, tragic and overwhelming fire season with a huge toll on human lives and natural resources. We feel it’s important to offer... Keep Reading

Bill Murphy, P. E.Engineer's Note: Installing new infrastructure within an old, existing urban neighborhood is certainly not simple or “constant”. Unmapped utilities, unexpected conflicts and ginormous tree roots must all be accommodated during construction, thus requiring changes to proposed improvements. FocalPoint biofiltration system is... Keep Reading