October 11, 2022

Streambank Stabilization Solutions Webinar - November 2nd - 12:30pm

Join us Wednesday, November 2nd from 12:30pm-1:30pm CST for our Streambank Stabilization Solutions Webinar! Our webinars are for answering questions, sharing technical information and collaborating on projects, plus attendees receive a PDH certificate for attending. 

Streambank Stabilization Webinar Registration - We're hosting a free webinar on streambank stabilization solutions. 

Streambank erosion can cause significant problems:

  1. Erosion along a stream makes for unstable soil conditions which can affect nearby structures and lead to safety issues for people trying to access the stream. 
  2. Over time, erosion of the streambank can lead to a widened stream, which encroaches on the surrounding land and nearby buildings, causing infrastructure concerns. 
  3. Debris and sediment that erodes from the streambank ends up downstream, which is not good for our water supplies and water quality.

Join us for this webinar as Bill Murphy, P.E. and Don Thieman, CPESC dive into all things related to streambank stabilization. They will discuss the leading streambank stabilization solutions and the best applications for each. This webinar will cover everything from gabions and Flexamat to vegetated solutions and soil enhancements like ShearForce and Biosol.

Biosol for Streambank Stabilization
ScourLok for Streambank Stabilization