August 23, 2022

ASP Enterprises' August 2022 Newsletter

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PaveDrain & R-Tank Stormwater Management Solution at Arnold Hall Parking LotProject Highlight: Stormwater Management Solution for Parking Lot - The Arnold Hall public parking lot in downtown Lee's Summit, MO was recently upgraded with a stormwater management solution supplied by ASP Enterprises. Problem: The city came to ASP looking for a solution to reduce runoff and manage stormwater. Problems faced: 1. The parking lot had very poor drainage. 2. The businesses adjacent to the parking lot had flooding issues after large storm events. 3. The public infrastructure was overwhelmed with increased runoff from increased imperviousness from buildings, parking lots and streets that were constructed within the watershed for the past several decades. The existing storm sewer pipes under the street were beyond capacity, so they got backed up during significant rain events. Solution: The original parking lot was excavated to...Keep Reading

GEOBLOCK Grass Porous PaversProduct Profile: Presto Geosystems' GEOBLOCK® Grass Porous Pavers - The GEOBLOCK Porous Pavement System is the industry's strongest and most proven high-performing turf protection system for occasional vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It's a green solution that offers a natural aesthetic, dependable load support, and high permeability. The system contributes to green building goals and LEED® credits. With an engineered base and topsoil infill...Keep Reading

Big Red Sediment Control Solution Sediment Control Solutions Webinar | September 7th | 12:30-1:30pm CST | Register to Attend - Sediment control has become a big part of the construction process. It is a requirement of the Clean Water Act to keep our waterways and the area surrounding jobsites clean. Bill Murphy, P.E. and Don Thieman, CPESC are hosting this webinar full of sediment control solutions. We will provide a breakdown of best management practices and discuss product solutions for each sediment control application. Don & Bill will inform attendees on the difference between products, when to use them, and what is the best solution for different scenarios. We hope you walk away from this webinar with a “toolbox” full of sediment control solutions for any project you encounter.

Flex MSE & Flexterra for Erosion Control SolutionErosion Control Solutions Webinar | October 5th | 12:30-1:30pm CST | Register to Attend - Don Thieman, CPESC & Bill Murphy, P.E. are back to discuss a variety of erosion control solutions in this webinar. They'll talk through everything erosion control from slope stabilization and bridge abutments to shorelines, channels and drainage ditches. The products covered will range from short-term to permanent erosion control solutions, many involving vegetated solutions. Bill & Don will inform attendees on the best products to use when addressing different erosion problems and explain the differences between the products. You'll leave this presentation with a comprehensive overview of how to handle erosion issues and a list of solutions at your disposal.

Bill Murphy, P.E.Engineer's Note: Note from Bill Murphy, P.E. - Who is supposed to maintain your Green Infrastructure? Many of us with siblings are familiar with the childhood countdown “1, 2, 3, not it!” We used it as a way of getting out of doing something, usually a chore. It didn’t really work, but we sure tried. Over the past several years, I have seen similar behavior among various departments within cities across the country when it comes to maintenance responsibilities for green infrastructure (GI). It is great to see how many cities have installed water quality units, bioretention cells, rain gardens, sediment ponds, forebays, permeable paving, curb inlet filters and a myriad of GI practices. Surprisingly often GI practices are installed with no conversation about who is going to maintain those features in the future. The future is now. We have met with communities who think GI systems do not work when the reality is that their systems would work fine if they maintained them properly...Keep Reading