August 3, 2021

ASP Is Hosting Muscle Wall Demos & Presentations

Our vendor partner, Muscle Wall, is joining our technical sales representatives to host demos and presentations in late August/early September. This product has a wide variety of applications including flood control, stormwater management, primary and secondary containment, streambank diversion, erosion control, etc. Read below for the details and contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at one of our Muscle Wall demo days!

August 23rd – Ted in Wichita, KS
August 24th & 25th – Evan & Todd in Kansas City, MO
August 26th & 27th – Royce, Ed, Adam & Mark S. in St. Louis, MO
September 1st & 2nd – Brian & Lynn in Omaha, NE

Tyler Searle, Technical Sales Engineer, at Muscle Wall will be visiting our ASP and Quick Supply branches to provide demos and presentations to contractors, engineers, etc. who would like to learn more about the product.

Muscle Wall is an innovative solution with endless applications. It’s a portable, strong plastic barrier available in 8 different sizes. It is primarily used to contain or divert water; however, it has many other applications and can be used as an effective alternative to silt fencing, sandbags, concrete and earthen solutions. Muscle Wall is designed to withstand the immense force of rushing or standing water and a liner can be added over the wall to help provide the most effective seal. This versatile system is quick and easy to install, reusable, optimized for storage and customizable to fit a project’s needs.

Muscle Wall is FM Approved! Muscle Wall was recently awarded FM Approval for their 2-foot, 3-foot and 4-foot walls by USACE.

Contact your local technical sales representative for more information or to schedule a time and location for a demo/presentation.

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