May 28, 2021

ASP Enterprises' May Newsletter

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Muscle Wall Portable Barrier SystemMuscle Wall Webinar: Watch Recording Here - We recently had Tyler Searle, Technical Sales Engineer at Muscle Wall, join us for our Technical Talks Webinar Series. The webinar discussed specifics of recent deployments with Bowman Construction Supply as well as other applications, 3rd party testing, and the engineering and logistics behind Muscle Wall solutions.

ARMORMAX ProjectProject Highlight - ARMORMAX Installation for Slope Stability: This project required a solution to prevent erosion, provide flood protection and stabilize the slopes along the channel. After catastrophic flooding resulting from a "bomb cyclone" and significant snowmelt, the town of Randolph, NE was left overrun by backwater. Once the water receded, the US Army Corps of Engineers prepared plans to expand drainage areas for extended storage in the city to reduce the risk of future flooding. The product recently installed at this project was ARMORMAX Engineered Earth Armoring System™. This system combines...Keep Reading

Muscle Wall SystemProduct Profile - Muscle Wall - Portable Barrier System: We are pleased to announce that we are now Muscle Wall distributors and introduce this site solution! Muscle Wall is a portable, strong plastic barrier that, once placed in the correct position, is filled with water for ballast. It is primarily used to contain or divert water; however, it has many other applications and can be used as an effective alternative to silt fencing, sandbags, concrete and earthen solutions. Muscle Wall is designed to withstand the immense force of rushing or standing water. Because of this, it can be used in flood control....Keep Reading

Bill Murphy, P. E.Engineer's Note from Bill Murphy: Experience, relationships, caring, compassion and several other things that make us human are also what make us great at what we do for a living. Here is an example: One of our sales reps called me about a huge project opportunity in his market. A city engineer asked him specifically about a solution we have helped them use successfully in the past. But our sales rep said we have a much more affordable option that would work just as well for this next project, particularly since this next phase is in an old industrial area so aesthetics are not a high priority. Our sales rep suggested we offer...Keep Reading