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October 16, 2018

ASP Omaha Provides Stormwater Solution to Fit Confined Footprint

About the Project

Location: Elkhorn, NE

Owner: Greg Perry, P.E.

Salesperson: ASP - Omaha & Bill Murphy

Contractor: MCL & Becker Trenching

Date: August 2018

The Challenge

Due to limited space and steep slopes, stormwater infrastructure and site grading were both too costly and impractical. The proposed building footprint and the need for public parking required a solution to tackle a combination of stormwater quantity and quality.

The Solution

The PaveDrain permeable paving system reduces the amount of impervious area while also serving as stormwater pretreatment. The stormwater passes through the pavers and enters the underground stormwater detention system, R-Tanks. At 95% void space, R-Tanks are the most efficient storage option available. FocalPoint high-flow biofiltration systems provide the ultimate water quality with a minimal footprint. Both FocalPoint systems fit within one parking lot island. Each FocalPoint is protected by a Rain Guardian Bunker, a curbside pretreatment device that is simple to install, easy to maintain and extends the effective life of bioretention cells and rain gardens.

The Result

PaveDrain can be cleaned periodically with the PaveDrain vac head attached to a sewer vac truck or with an Elgin Whirlwind or Megawind. Sediment and debris captured by the Rain Guardian Bunkers can be easily removed by hand. These curbside pretreatment devices protect the FocalPoints, so maintenance of those systems will be minimal. All water quality and stormwater management requirements are met within an optimized footprint, saving time, space and money.

Focal Point and PaveDrainFocal Point