April 29, 2021

ASP Enterprises' April Newsletter

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FODS WebinarInnovations in Stormwater Management Webinar | May 5th, 12:30pm CST: Join us for this "Tech Talks" webinar on a new innovative system in stormwater management and low-impact-development solutions for the urban realm. Citygreen’s new “Strataflow” technology is changing the way cities design their streets. Strataflow is helping cities with their flooding issues and helping cities treat and capture stormwater runoff. Strataflow does this while also creating an urban canopy that is cooling our cities and adding years to their underground and above-ground infrastructure. Register Here

GeosyntheticsGeosynthetic Pricing Announcement | Letter from Don Thieman, VP of Sales & Operations: As many of you know, the pricing for geosynthetic materials is extremely volatile. As a result of reduced traveling in cars and planes across the world in 2020 and still today, petroleum refining production has remained at historical lows. Propylene, a product result of that petroleum refining process, is one of the main building blocks for a wide variety of geosynthetics. Because of this supply shortage and the high demand for geosynthetics, we have seen huge volatility in the pricing of all types of geosynthetics. We have received significant monthly pricing increase letters...Keep Reading

StratavaultProduct Profile - Stratavault Soil Cells & Stormwater System: StrataVault soil cells provide structural support to surrounding sidewalks and roads while also creating a void space underneath for soil for the tree’s roots to grow. Plus, water can be directed to the underground soil cells where it can be naturally filtered before entering our water systems. −Cleaner air with larger, healthier, long-lasting trees −Made from 100% recycled materials −Improves water quality and manages stormwater...Keep Reading

FocalPoint Bioretention SystemProduct Profile - High-Performance Bioretention System: FocalPoint is a modular biofiltration system designed to manage both stormwater quantity and quality. FocalPoint uses physical, chemical and biological means to remove pollutants from stormwater. This system offers efficiency and durability with the use of engineered soils and a highly pervious underdrain system. FocalPoint is a LID system with a much smaller footprint than traditional biofiltration systems....Keep Reading

Bill Murphy, P. E.Engineer's Note from Bill Murphy: We at ASP take your time and brain space seriously. If you see us post a notice for a webinar or offer you a LNL presentation, you can trust that we will include something new and interesting to consider. Here are two examples: 1) “Tech Talks” Webinar Series: Next Wed., May 5th our guest speaker is Stephen Lovering, Citygreen. You might say, “we’ve already heard about his amazing Stratavault soil cells for urban trees.” True. But have you heard about their amazing stormwater solutions? Nope. Not yet. Tune in...Keep Reading